How To Play Bingo

Bingo used to be played in Bingo halls but now you can play it online. Each game of Bingo played is usually for a different amount of money. A blackout game will offer higher winnings than a game of four corners.

The object of Bingo is to cover the bingo pattern that pertains to each particular game. If you are the first to do this, you win.

Bingo cards are a 5 by 5 grid, each one corresponding to the 5 letters, B-I-N-G-O. The bingo card has 24 numbered squares.

  • Under B the numbers are between 1-15.
  • Under I the numbers are between 16-30.
  • Under N the numbers are between 31-45.
  • Under G the numbers are between 46-60.
  • Under O the numbers are between 61-75.

Before the Bingo caller begins calling out numbers he informs all players what type of game will be played.


Blackout – All numbers must be marked to get Bingo.

Lines – Any 1 line covered, whether it’s diagonal, horizontal or vertical in order to get a Bingo.

T – Fill the card in the shape of a T, right-side up, sideways, or up-side down. For example, for an up-side down T fill the center column and the bottom row.

Square – Fill the card in the shape of a square which is all the numbers on the outside – top, bottom, and both sides.

Four Corners – Fill the numbers in each of the 4 corners.

Letter X – Diagonal lines are filled in to form the letter X.

Once the game has been determined the caller now begins with the numbers.

Balls numbered 1-75 are placed in a rotating barrel if you’re playing in a hall, or are done electronically if you are playing online. The Bingo caller draws out a ball then calls the number. If he calls B6, check all the cards you are playing for B6. Use your marker to check all B6’s on all your cards. Numbers are called one at a time until a Bingo has been called and the card is a verified winner. Then a new game begins.

If you are playing online, your bingo cards are generated and randomly selected for you. Most online games will give you 3-4 cards to play; some however, will let you play more. Online Bingo also has a caller or display board for the Bingo numbers called. The game pattern is displayed.