How To Play Keno

Don’t let the big number board confuse you. Playing Keno is comparative to playing the lotto. Originating in China, in the mid 1800’s keno was introduced to the US by Chinese Immigrants who had come looking for work. Keno is a popular game and simple to play. The biggest feature that draws players is the chance to win big on a relatively small wager. Some casinos have payouts of 50 thousand dollars for a 1 dollar wager.

Casinos set up lounges specific for playing Keno however, Keno runners are available to collect your ticket and bring you your winnings if you choose to play outside the Keno lounge area. Casino’s have television monitors throughout the casino to keep those who are playing up-to-date on the winning numbers. Because you can play Keno outside the Keno lounge it’s a great game to play in between poker games, roulette and the slots.

Time to Play

You can find Keno tickets throughout the casino and the casino Keno lounge.

Choose a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10, between the numbers 1 to 80. Each selection you choose is called a ‘Spot’ so if you choose 6 numbers you are playing a 6 Spot game.

  • Mark the Keno ticket with your chosen numbers.
  • Along with your wager, take the ticket to the Keno desk. The clerk will give you a duplicate ticket.
  • Twenty Keno numbers are randomly drawn from a barrel containing balls numbered 1 to 80.
  • If enough of the numbers you selected are drawn, you’re a winner.
  • The results of the winning numbers are displayed on Keno board screens throughout the casino.

In some casinos, wagers can be as low as 5 cents while in other casinos the minimum bid is 1 dollar. The house will provide you with Keno brochures with information about the various tickets you can play and the payouts.

The amount you win depends on the ticket type played and the number of ‘Spots’. The game of Keno lets you play as many tickets as you want.

A ‘Keno race’ is when you play one round of Keno. Some casinos feature ‘multi-race’ Keno where you consecutively play a number of Keno races at one time.

Due to the house advantage being 30 percent or more, and a 0.25 percent of hitting 1 number in 80, Keno is one of the worst bets you can make.