How To Play Video Poker

If you are already familiar with the rules of poker, then learning to play video poker will be simple. Some video poker machines resemble slot machines, especially those on the casino floor. However the new video poker machines look more like television screens with vibrant colors that call out to unsuspecting poker players whether in the casino or at your local watering hole. The rules of video poker are quite simple, but getting used to the unfamiliar format will take a few rounds to get used to.

Playing Video Poker

1. Once you sit down at the video poker machine, you will have to insert cash or a card, depending on where you are and how frequently you visit.

2. Next, you need to determine how many coins you want to play per hand. The dollar amount will depend on whether you play nickels, quarters, or dollars. Most video poker machines take any or all of the above-mentioned coin types, but simply refer to them as ‘coins’ or ‘credits’. For each hand you play, you can bet the machine minimum or maximum, which is usually 1 to 5 coins.

3. Now that you have selected the amount you’d like to bet, you should touch the button on the screen that reads ‘deal’. After this happens, 5 cards will be dealt on the screen to you. The goal is to make the best hand possible with the cards dealt to you.

4. After you get a good look at your cards, determine if you want to discard any or all of your cards to replace them. You will have the option of doing this just one time to make the best 5 card hand. Below each card will appear a button that reads ‘hold’ or ‘discard’. Press the ‘hold’ button for cards you want to keep and ‘discard’ for the ones you need to replace.

5. Now that you have new cards to replace the discarded ones, you will receive your payout if you’ve won anything. You can continue to play with the credits you’ve just won, or you can cash out and look for another video poker machine.

When you sit down at a video poker machine, take notice of the kind of poker the machine plays. This will assist you in determining which cards to keep and which to discard, although the hands are pretty similar throughout poker types. Some of the more popular types of video poker games available are Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, All-American, King of the Decks and Joker Wild. All of these follow the principles of poker, but some of them have extra features such as wild cards which can be used as any card value.

Similar to live poker, the more coins you bet the bigger payout you will receive, or the more money will you lose. Video poker is so easy to learn and fun to play that you’ll find yourself spending hours on end staring into brightly colored cards and buttons. Happy playing!

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