Blackjack Strategy

Whether you are a blackjack pro or just getting started, the winning blackjack strategy guides listed below will surely increase your bankroll at the online blackjack table. These winning blackjack strategies will pay off at both the online and live blackjack tables.

Basic Blackjack Strategies

  • Basic Strategy – A basic look into blackjack and how to play blackjack. Read about basic strategy and see our easy to use blackjack strategy cheat sheet to give you the basic plays in winning blackjack strategy.
  • Controlling the Game – Basic winning blackjack strategy is all about mathematics, and knowing your odds will allow you to control the game more. Controlling the game is simple if you know and follow this winning basic strategy, at least to the extent that you can play an even game with the house.
  • Doubling and Splitting Strategies – Although there isn’t a lot to memorize with the basic blackjack strategy chart, these two specific winning blackjack strategies if implemented properly, can turn a good hand into a great hand.
  • Playing Single and Multiple Deck Blackjack – The one major factor that changes your blackjack strategy is the number of decks your favorite casino or card room uses. Your math must change depending on how many decks are in play due to the number of total cards being different. Therefore, you must change your blackjack strategy.
  • Reducing House Advantage with Basic Strategy – The entire reason you are learning basic blackjack strategy is so that you can reduce the houses odds of beating you at the blackjack table. Although you cannot ever gain an advantage on the house, or even break even for that matter, by following these basic blackjack tips you can reduce the house advantage to less then 1%.

Intermediate Blackjack Strategies

  • Intermediate Blackjack Strategy – Learn how to handle slightly more advanced blackjack situations such as how to play a soft ace and what to do when dealt a hand like a 12 when the dealer is showing a stand card.
  • Situational Blackjack – Blackjack tips included in this article cover the importance of playing within your bankroll, when to increase your bets and seat arrangement.

Advanced Blackjack Strategies

  • Card Counting – Counting cards is a way for players to increase their edge over the house and is an advanced blackjack strategy. The goal of card counting is to account for the cards that have already been dealt, or are remaining in the deck, so you know how to place your next bet.
  • Card Counting – A Practical Way to Winning Blackjack – A more in depth look into card counting when playing blackjack and how to use this to build your winning blackjack bankroll.
  • The Most Effective Counting System – Learn about one of the earliest blackjack card counting systems the Advanced Point Count created by Ken Uston in the 1980’s.

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