One fact remains true across the board when it comes to games of chance: there are no guaranteed betting systems and the game of Craps is no exception. There are certain betting systems that will definitely improve your odds of winning and chip away at the dreaded house edge, but if you want any guaranteed success, you should keep looking because that just isn’t possible. A winning advanced Craps strategy should be based on your knowledge of the game and the odds associated with each roll. There are two systems that will improve your chances, and the more you learn about Craps, the better you will be in implementing these strategies.

Bet with the House

This strategy may seem risky to a beginner who has yet to become acquainted with the fact that all casino game players acknowledge that the house always wins. If you’re looking for a strategy that will pan out in the end, this is the one for you. The point (for the shooter) is to roll the dice until the point hits again, but determining this strictly by the math will let you know
that it’s a losing battle. Not that winning is impossible, but betting the don’t pass line is more likely to yield positive results for your bankroll simply because the chances of hitting a 7 are higher based on the fact that there are just more possible combinations that total 7.

One thing you should realize is that many Craps players at the table will frown upon this method but your goal is to win money, not make friends. If those around you were smart, they’d take advantage of the house advantage and make it work in their favor. Furthermore, you are allowed to bet the “don’t pass” line even if it’s your turn to be the shooter.

Collect, Press & Regress (CPR)

The CPR betting system is only truly useful if you’re a recreational player trying to make your bankroll last the day. If you are or aspire to be a professional player, then this method makes a long, arduous task of producing a substantial profit. This method is simple and best explained by example. Place six for $6 and when six is hit the second time, you will collect a $1 profit. Once the second hit occurs, you can instruct the dealer to press your bet. The dealer will add $6 to your place bet and give you the $1 profit, which already gives you a $2 profit without anything happening. Finally, on the third hit, you tell the dealer to regress your bet back to $6 and he or she will give you $20. The $20 you receive will consist of the $14 which is your winnings for
the place bets and the additional $6 is for regressing your bet. You have just made $22 regardless what’s rolled next. Again, because that is such a small bet, if this is how you earn your living, you might want to consider another system.