Conservative Craps Strategy


Just as the name indicates, when you play conservatively, your goal is long term profit. Nevertheless, many Craps players want instant wins which often leads to betting patterns that are unrealistic and unlikely to yield a profit. If your goal is to win quickly and move on, conservative Craps won’t work for you. Playing conservatively is about taking the smallest risk possible for consistent wins. Sometimes this means going against common theories and practices but it offers you a more consistent pattern of winning. Since any card or casino game player understands that ultimately “the house always wins”, consistent wins are the best
strategy for chipping away at the house advantage.

Next time on the come out roll, be on the don’t pass line. Remember that on a don’t pass bet, you lose if a 7 or 11 is rolled, but you win if a 2 or 3 is rolled. Rolling a 12 varies by casino so be sure you are clear on casino rules before you approach the table. Now that you’ve placed your “don’t pass” bet and established the point, you should bet the same amount for the point that you bet on the “don’t pass” line. For example if you bet $50 on the “don’t pass” line and the point is 5, you should place $50 on the 5.

If you’ve successfully completed each of these steps with your win and loss limits in mind, this next part involves standing back and collecting your money! At this point, losing isn’t a possibility for you; if the shooter rolls a 7, your money is returned to you. If however, the shooter rolls the point then you get the odds. Although this strategy does seem simple, you should keep in mind that it is designed to be effective, if you have the patience. As you can see from the above example, your choice is to keep your bet or at least win the odds. Although betting this way isn’t likely to earn huge returns daily, it will increase your overall earnings because you will lose a lot less often.

This strategy will help you minimize risk because it doesn’t rely on huge, sporadic bets that will backfire more often than not. Although some may consider this type of betting in poor taste, if done with small consistent bets, your conservative strategywill give you long term results. Even if you play Craps for fun and have no interest in playing full-time, this strategy helps you cut down the house advantage. Because most players bet big and often the house advantage remains fixed, playing conservatively andwith a purpose eliminates the possibility of betting on a hunch or a gut feeling. Other conservative Craps strategies exist but they aren’t as reliable as conservative play, and should mostly be used as a side strategy.