Craps is a little more than just rolling a pair of dice across a table. The game involves betting that needs to be done carefully since you have absolutely no control over what the dice will land on. In other words, you can be on at the top of your game as long as you bet smart through various strategies that can help you in the task of smart betting on the unknown.

Taking the odds bet

The odds bet is that one bet throughout the entire casino that has absolutely no advantage whatsoever. This is because it pays solely according to the absolute odds that you will win. This is one strategy that presents an opportunity that should be taken advantage of to the largest extent.

The odds bet is also called “taking the odds,” but you only want to make this bet if you first made the “pass line bet.” Yet you don’t want to make the odds bet until after the come-out roll has established a point. Your odds bet is another wager that the point is going to be rolled again before a seven will be rolled.

You will not find a place on the table that says the words “odds bet.” This is a completely secret bet that is considered a strategy in the game of Craps. Strategy is what makes a game worth playing since it is your goal to be the one to win the money. So what you are going to do when making your odds bet s post a wager of two to three times your pass line bet. It may depend on the casino how far past your pass line bet you can wage. Whatever the limit, you want to take the highest advantage of the best bet at the table by taking advantage of that maximum amount on the odds bet.

The chances of rolling a point prior to a 7 are completely dependent upon what the point is. If you have a point of 6 or 8, your odds bet will pay 6-to-5. If your point is 4 or 10, your odds bet will pay 2-to-1 or if your odds are 5 or 9, your odds bet will pay 3-to-2.


Craps is in no way a difficult game, anyone can play it, but it is in your best interest to know as much as you can about the game so that you can develop strategies to help you rule the table. The strategy above is just one of many you can take advantage of when placing bets. Since you never know what the results of the dice roll is going to be, it is in being savvy with the chips that is going to have you coming out on top. Is it a game of pure luck? Of course it is, but you don’t have to wear a lucky rabbit’s foot around your neck or carry a four leaf clover in your pocket to win. All you have to do is use your head.