One strategy that many roulette players employ is betting on red. Simply based on the odds this betting system does have its merits; there are 18 red pockets out of 38 American pockets or 37 European pockets. If you divide the number of red pockets (18) by the number of total pockets (38), you will get a percentage of just over 47%. The math simply means that you have a 47% chance of hitting a red pocket. Although the numbers say you have a fairly decent chance of hitting a red pocket, there is a slightly better chance that you will lose by simply betting on red.

If you’re simply looking for interesting ways to pass time at the roulette table, betting on red is a strategy that could pan out for you. I say could because less than 50% isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for betting on red all the time. Basically if your goal isn’t to win a specific amount each day playing roulette, this is a strategy that’s at least worth a try, although the math above indicates that you will lose with this strategy more often than you will win. That is especially true in American roulette because there is one additional pocket that slightly takes away from your chances.

Some players bet on red because they strongly believe in the idea that if a red pocket hasn’t hit recently, then it is due to hit soon. This is also known as The Gambler’s Fallacy. This misplaced idea is how this system came about and is largely responsible for placing your money squarely in the hand of the casinos. The truth is that betting on red works as much as any system in a game such as roulette. If you sit down and think of the point of roulette, it will become painfully obvious to you that no system can guarantee wins often or at all.

The best you can possibly hope for when you bet on red is winning 18 out of 38 times, which seems like a good percentage until you realize that means you have to lose 20 hands before winning. Losing 20 hands can easily deplete your bankroll to next to nothing and end your session before you’ve even it five red pockets. When you decide on a system like betting on red, you should take into consideration how much loss you have to take before winning, as well as if those wins are big enough to offset the losses. If you can afford to lose 20 times every 38 hands until you’ve reached your earnings goal or loss limit, then you may want to try this system, otherwise you may want to reconsider.

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