Building Your Roulette Bankroll

In any casino game, the only thing more important than your knowledge of the game is the amount of money you have in which to play the game. Your bankroll is the amount of money you have per day to play, and you should always work to constantly build it up. Since roulette is a game of chance, it’s easy to go through your bankroll quickly, and if you rely on a betting system, you’re likely to lose it all even quicker. Consistent and smart play at the roulette table is the only way to be certain that your bankroll is growing as it should.

To build your bankroll, you must set limits for yourself and stick to those limits. All good players from poker to blackjack and roulette set daily benchmarks regarding how much you need to win before you can quit and how much you can lose before you should quit. Strict adherence to these preset goals will prevent you from burning through your entire bankroll during one day of play. In addition to your win and lose benchmarks, you should never have your entire bankroll in your pocket as it makes it more difficult to stick with your goals.

Many fly by night roulette players are looking for a big payday right away and they play higher limits to achieve this goal. No matter how much money you have set aside for your bankroll, it is never a good idea to play beyond what you can afford to lose. Higher limits increase your payoff, but they also severely diminish your bankroll until that payoff comes. If your bankroll is $300 per day, you should play $10 limits as this gives you 30 bankrolls with which to play. If you take a $300 bankroll and play on $100 tables, you are merely asking the casino to take your money. The goal is for you to allow yourself enough hands to last the whole day and maybe even make some money. Playing beyond your means is a surefire way to lose, and to do it quickly.

If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a way that is likely to allow you at least a small profit daily, you may want to consider betting with the house in addition to one outside bet per round. This will make it easy to follow your bets and it slightly improves your chances for success. Keep in mind that betting with the house produces a long-term win, which you can offset in the meantime by placing outside bets. Outside bets increase your odds of winning, which will promise at least a small profit at the end of the day. Figure out how much money you have to play with daily and divide it by 30, that will let you know the limits at which you should be playing.

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