Video Poker Bankroll Tips

Playing video poker for fun or for profit doesn’t change the fact that you can make money, so you might as well make an extra effort to make your venture a profitable one. The only way you can do this is by building your bankroll so that you actually have a chance to win more money to either supplement your income or take a dream vacation. A bankroll, for those of you that don’t know, is the money you have set aside for the express purpose of playing video poker with it. This money isn’t in any way involved with the money you use to pay your bills and other obligations. If you don’t yet have a bankroll, keep reading to find out how to bankroll your video poker dreams.

The first thing you must do is determine how much money you can afford to lose on video poker. If your answer to this question is “nothing”, then you should only consider playing free video poker online. Even with perfect poker strategy, there is still a slight chance that you will lose; after all, even great poker players lose eventually. The better question you should ask yourself is how much money you can contribute right now to your bankroll without any of your bills suffering. Even if the answer is $100 that should be enough to get you started playing $0.25 hands.

Next, if you have $100 to contribute to starting your bankroll, you will need to start low and play one quarter at a time. Although it may seem tedious, $100 will give 400 hands, a pretty good jump start to making more money. It’s important that you start playing the lowest levels of video poker available at your favorite casino or watering hole if you want your bankroll to last. Making a few foolish bets because you “feel lucky” will only guarantee that you’ll blow through your entire bankroll in just a few days. Having a bankroll will ensure that you do not go on losing sprees, and it also allows you to stay in the game for a longer period of time.

To maintain your bankroll, set limits each day and strictly abide by those limits. First you should set a loss limit, which is simply a golden amount of money that, if lost, will send you home for the day. Although these limits will sometimes make you impatient when you feel as if you’re on a roll, they will save you a major headache most days. Along those same lines, you should set a win goal and stick with that. Since you will pocket your earnings, it will be easy to keep track of your wins. When you’ve made your goal for the day, leave the casino or enjoy some yummy casino food, just don’t play more video poker. Abiding by the rules you set will help maintain and increase your bankroll so that you can play higher levels and win more money.

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