Winning Jokers Wild Video Poker Tips

Jokers Wild Video Poker Strategies

One of the most common forms of video poker is Jokers Wild. Jokers Wild is played with one 52-card deck that has a Joker added as a wild card. The “wild” Joker can be substituted for any other card to make the best hand possible. The strategy for playing Jokers Wild video poker is pretty straight forward and it is best illustrated using the table below. This strategy should be used in situations where you are dealt the Joker.

First 5 Cards Hold Discard
Five of a kind 5 0
Straight Flush 5 0
Four of a Kind 4 1
Full House 5 0
Flush 5 0
Four Card straight flush 4 1
Straight 5 0
Four card inside straight flush 4 1
Four card double-inside straight flush 4 1
Three of a Kind 3 2
Four card straight 4 1
Three card straight flush 3 2
Four card inside straight 4 1
Three card inside straight 3 2
Four card inside straight 4 1
Four card flush 4 1
Three card inside straight flush 3 2
Three card straight 3 2
Three card double inside straight flush 4 1
Four card double inside straight flush 4 1
Pair 2 3

This list will show you how you should act until you get comfortable playing Jokers Wild. Obviously, the strategies will vary if you are not dealt the wild card, but the only difference is that you will discard one additional card.

Keep in mind that the joker can be substituted for any card of any suit that will help make your hand better. Under no circumstances should you ever discard your Joker, unless you have a burning desire to lose. As you probably noticed in the chart, having the Joker in the deck gives you the opportunity to make a five-of-a-kind, although that will rarely happen. Mostly, the Joker will come in handy to help you make a flush or a straight when you’re just one card short.

It is important to note that the only way to get paid in Jokers Wild is to make a pair of Kings or better, so pay attention when you’re deciding what cards to hold and what cards to discard. Until you feel completely comfortable knowing what to hold and what to discard, follow the chart above to the letter. If you get a hand that is not listed on this list, discard it.

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