Learning video poker is even easier than learning to play live poker, but if you still aren’t sure where the rest of the world goes to learn, you should try the internet. Many online casinos lure customers in with the promise of free games, and it’s not a bad place to learn the ropes. After just a few minutes of play, you will have all the necessary skills to go one-on-one with your nearest video poker machine. Below, we have provided tools and steps for you to take to learn video poker online.

If you already enjoy online casino games, search your current site for free video poker games. If no free games exist, consider using any bonus points you may have to learn the game. Learning to play video poker online will save you the hassle and distraction that come with learning in a noisy casino.

Learning video poker online is very similar to learning to play on an actual video poker machine with the major exception being that instead of pressing hold and discard buttons, you’ll click on them with a mouse. Another major difference is that if you choose to play online for money, your payouts won’t be instant. Video poker, just like all online casino games, requires a credit card or bank account from which you can deposit and withdraw money into your poker account.

If you attempt to play video poker online, make sure that you set limits on your bankroll and take care not to exceed them. Playing any casino game online makes it riskier because you’re able to play much faster than you would at a live casino. Fortunately, video poker is always a single player game, so the speed by which you play shouldn’t vary too much if you choose to play online.

If you’re partial to a particular video poker game, double check that the online video poker site you’re using has that game. It’s pointless to start an account with a site that doesn’t allow you to perfect your strategy at a particular game. The most common video poker games are Jacks or Better, Joker’s Wild, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker. Most of these games are variations of one another and they are quite simple to pick up.

To set up an online video poker account, you will need to create a user name and password. If you’ve chosen a free site, you should not have to give your credit card information; all that is typically required is your email address and sign in information. If you’re uncomfortable giving out personal information online, consider taking $10 to your nearest video poker machine and learning the old-fashioned way – practice. A ten dollar starter bankroll will allow you to play 40 single-quarter hands, which is more than enough to help you get the hang of the game.

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