Choosing the Right Video Poker Game

Choosing the Right Machine

Choosing a video poker machine to play can be simple or complicated, depending on your criteria. Like most casino players, many video poker players have special methods and procedures to find out which video poker machine will give them a burst of good luck that day. Although there are no guaranteed methods to choosing the right video poker machine, I have spoken with some of my closest casino dwellers to find out how they choose the machines that keep them in nice clothes and the newest cars.


My most indecisive video poker playing pal said that she just randomly sits down at a machine when she feels like sitting down. I laughed too, but then I began to think that if there’s really no method involved what’s the harm in just starting somewhere? Deeper into the conversation, she informed that she randomly chooses her first seat and plays for a few minutes to “gauge the machine” and if it’s not paying like it should, she stands up and randomly sits elsewhere. Too frantic for my choice, but hey, someone might like it, right?


My next friend who’s been playing video poker to supplement his income told me that he chooses his first machine based on where it is located in the casino. His first choice is most often the corner seat because it’s where he’s most comfortable physically (long legs). That makes sense, but do corner seats really provide an advantage? He informed that indeed it does not, but from the first seat he’s been able to warm up and then choose any other seat in the empty row. He said that if he cannot find an empty row, he will find another casino because the problem with video poker is “other people”.

The Lurker

I must admit that I’m almost ashamed to share this last method of choosing the right video poker machine. This comes from a friend I’ve known for years, but he told me that he chooses his first machine at random. When the first seat inevitably fails him, he looks around the other video poker machines to find someone leaving a machine frustrated. He calls it lurking because he just hangs around waiting for frustrated players to leave their machines that are just waiting to pay. As shocking as this may sound, he wins a lot more often than he loses with his lurking.

Although I cannot personally vouch for any of these methods, the most important thing you should know is that if a machine isn’t paying you, switch to one that will. According to popular belief, every machine has a payout time. This is more possibly true with slot machines because there is a jackpot that defines the grand payout moment, but with video poker, it’s not going to be just one hand that makes you rich. I guess in selecting machines, you just have to find one that has a winning streak in store for you. It may be instinct, luck or good judgment, but as long as you make some bucks from it, nobody can say you got the wrong machine.

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