Video Poker Strategy

  • Learn Video Poker Online – Learning video poker is even easier than learning to play live poker, but if you still aren’t sure where the rest of the world goes to learn, you should try the internet. Many online casinos lure customers in with the promise of free games, and it’s not a bad place to learn the ropes.
  • Choosing the Right Machine – Choosing a video poker machine to play can be simple or complicated, depending on your criteria. Like most casino players, many video poker players have special methods and procedures to find out which video poker machine will give them a burst of good luck that day.
  • Bankrolling Video Poker – Playing video poker for fun or for profit doesn’t change the fact that you can make money, so you might as well make an extra effort to make your venture a profitable one.
  • Video Poker Games – Similar to live poker, video poker has a wide variety of games guaranteed to lure in all poker lovers. Whatever your poison, you’re sure to find your favorite poker game on your local video poker machine.
  • Deuces Wild Strategies – Playing deuces wild gives the player even more opportunities than Jokers Wild because there’s a possibility to make your hand with four wild cards. Wild cards come in handy if you have an open ended straight, flush or if you need to make a 3 or 4 of a kind.
  • Jokers Wild Video Poker – One of the most common forms of video poker is Jokers Wild. Jokers Wild is played with one 52-card deck that has a Joker added as a wild card. The strategy for playing Jokers Wild video poker is pretty straight forward and it is best illustrated using the table in this guide.
  • Video Poker Strategies – When you play any form of poker; video, live or online, you need to have at least an outline of a strategy in order to win.
  • Intermediate Poker Strategy – You will have to follow the strategy in conjunction with optimal poker strategy in order to be successful. The strategy discussed below can also be used for all variations of the game.
  • Video Poker Strategy Master – Whether you’re just learning the basics of video poker or looking to improve your skill to improve your winnings, there’s new software that will improve your video poker strategy.
  • Video Poker Tips – Beyond playing optimal poker strategy with your game of choice, the only thing a video poker player can do to increase the chances of winning is follow other minor tips that have also proven helpful.

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