Whether you’re just learning the basics of video poker or looking to improve your skill to improve your winnings, there’s new software that will improve your video poker strategy. This video poker strategy master software doesn’t claim to help you beat any video poker game, but only to provide you with a strategy based on pay tables that will help you make the right moves. This software is unique in that, instead of promising some secret to expert video poker play, it offers you strategy to get the maximum payout from your video poker machine.

Right off the bat, I’m always skeptical of any system, especially a poker system, but this one did catch my eye. I found interesting things about VPSM, and I also found things that would make me consider purchasing it or recommending it to a reader. The first reason I thought this software was great is that most video poker players don’t bother themselves with the intricacies of the game the way live players do, and thus they are less likely to take the time to figure out the strategy on their own. For those types of video players, this program could be helpful.

The other reason I was intrigued by this software is that every video poker player knows that playing perfect poker increases what you could earn tremendously. Look at any video poker odds and you will see that the most popular games like Jacks or Better, or Deuces/Jokers Wild pay out almost 100% if played using optimal poker strategy. These are both very good reasons, especially if I were a beginner video poker player, but then my conscience stepped in.

The major problem I have with this or any other software is that it promotes laziness. The excitement of poker is based on the player actually finding ways to “beat” the game or exploit advantages as they present themselves. Poker programs such as this have taken all the fun out of video poker and live poker, and with the earning potential so high for casino games, it’s a matter of preference.

The other issue with VPSM is that with just a few entries, it can lay out exactly how you should play every hand, which removes any incentive for the player to actually commit to learning the game. While this is just my personal preference, I think real poker players will understand. Overall, this program could prove helpful, but it can also make you too dependent on charts to play video poker.

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