Every person that sits down at a video poker machine hopes to win, but many don’t win. Most players chalk this up to the machines being programmed not to pay when you have a good hand or simply bad luck. While this rationale has legitimacy, the problem also comes down to not knowing what to do when you get certain cards. This is why it’s so important to learn and understand the rules of the game before you play for money. Beyond playing optimal poker strategy with your game of choice, the only thing a video poker player can do to increase the chances of winning is follow other minor tips that have also proven helpful.

    • Bet one coin at a time, unless you have the option to double your bet after your initial hand is dealt. Most players immediately want to bet as many coins as possible because they mistakenly believe it leads to more money. Although that’s true to a certain extent, bear in mind that most payouts are 1:1 meaning that what you bet is what you’ll win…even money.
    • Abide by all limits you set regarding your win and loss limits as well as your daily bankroll. Only take one day’s bankroll with you to play video poker, it will alleviate the temptation to play more if you feel a “hot streak”.
    • Get acquainted with the payout tables on your video poker machines. Although some boast 100% payouts, they often have stipulations attached to them in fine print. Also make yourself aware of the odds before you sit down at a video poker machine, just to make sure it all makes sense.
    • Always take advantage of any free credits offered, but not until you’ve been made aware of all terms and conditions that apply to the offer. There’s no point in passing up free credits as long as you know what you’re getting into. Some machines require a minimum deposit, which is fine because without the free credits, you’d be putting your own money in anyhow.
  • Use your head. Don’t go crazy and lose all of your money on a few ill-advised bets. There are odds for a reason, don’t rely on your gut when it comes to your money. Use your gut for food and your brain for video poker.

These tips should give you enough of a head start, so that you can start your money making plans before you go to your nearest casino. Remember to read all fine print on the video poker machines you use to make sure you haven’t set yourself up to fail.

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