Extra Video Poker Strategies

When you play any form of poker; video, live or online, you need to have at least an outline of a strategy in order to win. Obviously, specific strategies will depend on the type of game you’re playing, but more important is the other steps you can take to improve your video poker strategy. Unlike live poker, there’s no opponent to intimidate, so you’ll have to rely on skill and luck to win your money with video poker.

Play one coin at a time. You’re probably skeptical of this advice because you want to win more money, but the truth is that regardless of how many coins you play, the payout is the same. The only exception to this rule across the board is when you get a royal flush your payout can be substantially higher if you bet more coins. Many players will play with more than one coin, and that’s fine as long as you know that ultimately you’re not winning more money. Payouts are stated on most video poker machines, and typically, its 1:1 means that your wins pay exactly what you put in.

Manage your bankroll. Whether you’re a professional or a professional amateur, you should always have money set aside specifically for playing video poker. This money should in no way interfere with your ability to pay your bills. The size of your bankroll will depend on the level at which you’re playing, but you should follow the 30 bankroll rule to start. The best way to manage your bankroll is to only bring one day’s bankroll with you and pocket the earnings. Play with what you brought and your earnings will add one more day to your career.

Pay attention. Many bars and clubs now have video poker machines, not to mention the thousands of video poker machines in casinos, and this means that it’s easy to get distracted. The most important thing you can do to help your chances of winning is pay attention to the cards that are dealt to you and act in accordance with optimal strategy for your game of choice. If you aren’t paying attention, you will hold cards you wanted to discard and vice versa.

These simple strategies will improve your chances of winning, not because of your great skill but just by being alert and responsible. These tips, combined with the appropriate strategy for your game of choice, will certainly improve your chances of winning, although most video poker machines already have amazing payouts.

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