Roulette Strategy

Fine tune your roulette skills by reading our roulette strategy guides below. Win now at the online roulette table!

  • Betting On Red – If you’re simply looking for interesting ways to pass time at the roulette table, betting on red is a roulette strategy that could pan out for you.
  • Building Your Roullete Bankroll – All good players from poker to blackjack and roulette set daily benchmarks regarding how much you need to win before you can quit and how much you can lose before you should quit.
  • Beating the House Edge – Unfortunately, as any knowledgeable roulette player can attest, it is virtually impossible to beat the house edge. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that turning a profit in roulette isn’t possible either. The answer is NO, you cannot beat the house edge, but there are ways to diminish the house edge and improve your odds of winning by using a winning roulette strategy.
  • Don’t Stop When You Get Hot – Unfortunately, many roulette players mistakenly fall into the trap of a “hot streak” and by the time the streak is over, their roulette bankroll is ancient history.
  • American Roulette vs. European Roulette – What is the difference
  • The “Ins”ide and “Outs”ide of Roulette – How these bets can win you money at the roulette table
  • The Gambler’s Fallacy – Don’t fall into this common gamblers trap
  • Roulette Odds – Here is a little known truth about roulette odds that the player with dollar signs in his eyes will never understand; the odds don’t pay what they are worth.
  • Understanding the Roulette Wheel – Understanding the roulette wheel relies on knowing two specific pieces of information; how to place a bet on the table and knowing the layout of the wheel.
  • Winning Roulette Tips – Plain and simple, roulette is a game of chance and it does not require hours of contemplation and strategy to win. In addition to the tips provided here, understanding the rules of the game will allow you to formulate your own strategies which will improve your odds of winning.
  • Responsible Roulette – Since Roulette is based completely on chance or, as some will say, based on luck, the real strategy lies in how you bet your money.
  • Using the Martingale Strategy – You will find that there are more strategies in the game of Roulette than any other casino game out there. Since the goal of the game is to beat the roulette wheel, having a strategy at your disposal is most certainly a good idea.
  • To Strategize or Not – There is no mathematic system that applies to the wheel itself and the odds the ball will land on the right number, but the mathematics play to your advantage when you’re trying to deplete the house’s edge.

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